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Hello and welcome!

I appreciate your interest in partnering with Flatlander Jewelry to bring high quality handcrafted jewelry to your customers.

This page contains an abbreviated version of my Wholesale Terms & Conditions. A full version is available once your application is approved, so use this page as a way to gain more information about my process and to see if Flatlander Jewelry is a good fit for your store.

Please read the entirety of this page before submitting an inquiry.



To become a Flatlander Retail Partner you must be a brick-and-mortar location and have a resale tax ID. 


To become a Flatlander Retail Partner you must be a brick-and-mortar location and have a resale tax ID. If you are interested in carrying Flatlander Jewelry, please fill out the inquiry form HERE 

Once you submit this form I will review the information. If your store seems like a good fit for me I will provide you with the full Wholesale Terms & Conditions.


Before you can place a wholesale order with Flatlander Jewelry you must read and agree to the Wholesale Terms and Conditions.

After I receive your signature on the Terms & Conditions form, you will receive access to the Wholesale Catalog. Your order will be reviewed within 2-3 business days, and within that time frame you will receive an invoice to the email address you provided on the Terms & Conditions form.

A minimum order of $350 in product (not including shipping) is required for opening orders in order to supply an attractive display with branded packaging. Orders must be paid in full before production can begin.



A minimum of $200 in product (not including shipping) is required for reorders. Orders must be paid in full before production can begin. 


All prices are listed in US dollars. All authorized brick-and-mortar receive wholesale pricing, plus the cost of shipping. Wholesale pricing is 50% of my set retail price. Due to the nature of the materials I work with, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. The Wholesale Catalog will always contain the most up to date information on pricing and availability.

The suggested retail price ("SRP") is the minimum price for which retailers are permitted to sell Flatlander Jewelry products. Retailers may price the products in excess of the SRP, but are not permitted under any circumstances to sell Flatlander Jewelry products for less than the SRP without prior written authorization from me.

In the event that the retailer chooses to place any products from Flatlander Jewelry for sale at a discount, the retailer is not permitted to discount the items more than 15% below the SRP.

Due to the handmade nature of my work and small batch production methods, all individual pieces available for wholesale have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that must be met in order to purchase. The MOQ can differ between pieces depending on their intricacy, pricing, and the availability of raw materials.

The retailer will pay the cost of shipping and insurance on any order under $400. If the order placed is over $400, Flatlander Jewelry will cover the cost of shipping and insurance.



All orders invoices must be paid in full before production can begin.

At this time I am not extending credit terms.



Each item that leaves my studio is handcrafted and made to order. Once an order is placed please allow 5-7 weeks for production. I am solely responsible for every aspect of Flatlander Jewelry and will do everything I can to fulfill orders in a timely manner. However, please keep in mind that due to the nature of my small batch handcrafted process and supply chain factors, there may be unexpected changes in production times. I will keep you informed and communicate any and all changes promptly.

Orders placed during the summer months will often have shorter production times. I am a full time public school teacher, so orders placed during the school year will often take a little longer. However, I strive to stay within the 5-7 week production time as much as possible.

Once an order is placed and production has begun, please contact me at flatlanderjewelry@gmail.com regarding any questions about the status of your order. Please have the order number in the subject line to expedite the processing of your inquiry.



All orders are shipped via USPS Priority from Somerville, Massachusetts. Expedited shipping methods or other carriers may be used at the retailer's expense. Additional carrier options are available at checkout.

At this time I do not offer wholesale orders internationally. All orders must be made from retailers within the US.

If the order is below $400, the retailer is responsible for the shipping cost. Once the order total reaches $400 shipping is automatically included in the order.

All orders are required to have shipping insurance to cover the entire value of the order. Shipping insurance is included at no charge to the retailer for orders of $400 or more.


Wholesale orders are handmade especially for your boutique once it is ordered. Therefore, products may not be returned or exchanged. Flatlander Jewelry will only accept returns in the case of damaged or defective merchandise, as outlined in the DAMAGES/DEFECTS section of the terms.


The retailer must maintain a current business license certificate or state equivalent on file and provide a copy with tax ID to Flatlander Jewelry. The retailer must have a current and accurate address of a brick and mortar store, to be provided in the event that the shipping address is separate from the store location.

Flatlander Jewelry will deliver inventory to the retailer as agreed. Flatlander Jewelry is not involved in the transaction between the retailer and the customer. The retailer will be responsible for providing customer service, including taking reasonable measures to respond to all customer inquiries.


To be considered for wholesale purchasing, please fill out the form linked in the "APPLICATION" section of this page


If you have any questions you would like answered before submitting a wholesale inquiry, please email flatlanderjewelry@gmail.com

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