I'm glad you're here!


I'm Caitlin, the sole force behind Flatlander Jewelry.

I've been making jewelry since I was a small child, stringing large plastic beads on fuzzy brightly colored pipe cleaners to wrap around my little wrists. Eventually I graduated to smaller beadwork, braided hemp while in college (Go UMass!), and began wrapping wire in my twenties. I've always loved accessories and adornments, and the quiet focus that comes with creating something with my own two hands. 

Fast forward to the infamous 2020, and I'm spending my newfound extra time at home to watch videos and read articles about metalsmithing and stone setting.

The first time I successfully soldered two pieces of silver together I felt like a sorceress. To be able to take a flat sheet of silver and shape it into something beautiful is a truly magical process. Other art forms have been enjoyable for me, but working with metal is where I found my artistic voice.

What's a flatlander?

Flatlander Jewelry grew out of my love for New England, specifically Vermont. My family roots are set deep in the Green Mountains, tracing far back and spread across the state. I've lived in Massachusetts for many years now, but part of my heart will always be in Vermont. Up there, folks who come from outside of the state are called flatlanders. It could be a derogatory term for outsiders who clog up the roads during foliage and ski season, or an affectionate teasing term for friends and family who moved away. By naming my company Flatlander I'm claiming my origins and giving a wink to anyone else from those mountains.

The woman behind the work

High school English teacher by day, self-taught metalsmith and jeweler by night.

As a child of the DIY movement of the 90s, and as a person who has a really hard time sitting still without fidgeting, I've found many crafts to keep my hands busy. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was quite small, and it remains one of my favorite hobbies. I pretty much never finish any projects bigger than a hat - I've been working on a knit-along sweater with my sister for over a year now! I crochet a little, mostly just simple squares to use for housework. And, as my last name implies, I bake pretty often.

My main goal in life is to live as the hobbits do: eat several wholesome meals each day, tend to some plants, drink tea and enjoy the outdoors, and only occasionally go on daring adventures.

When I'm not teaching or creating, I'm usually at the park with my partner Kyle and our pup, Maple Syrup. They keep me grounded and motivated!

(bandana from The Wild Pine)

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