Q: What's your next collection? When will it be released?

A: Collection info, previews, and release dates are posted on my Instagram and via my newsletter. Each collection is designed, crafted, and documented by me. Collections are not released at set intervals at this time.

Q: How do you make your jewelry?

A: Some of my processes are proprietary. However, I do share a more detailed behind-the-scenes look at my process on my Patreon!

Q: Do you do customs?

A: Sorry, but no. At this time I do not offer custom work. In the future I hope to have the time and room to offer customs on an occasional basis. The only exception to this can be found on my Patreon - patrons at the top tier receive either a custom ring after one year of support.

Q: Can you resize this?

A: Once a piece has been completed I cannot resize it. Most of my necklace chains have a 2" extender attached. Ear wires and earring posts are the industry standard 20ga.

Q: Will you repair this?

A: I offer repairs of my own work on an individual basis, depending on the nature of the issue. I do not offer jewelry repairs, resizing, or refinishing for any work by other jewelers.

Q: Can I make a suggestion?

A: I love new ideas! Suggestions for work you'd like to see more of, or stones you'd love to see me work with, can go HERE 

Q: When will I get my order?

A: Please refer to my shipping policies HERE

Q: Do you sell anywhere other than on this site?

A: I sell seasonally at markets across New England. Any upcoming market dates will be announced on my social media pages, in my newsletter, and then as a banner on my website. I do not sell anywhere else online.

Q: What is Patreon, and how/why would I join?

A: Patreon is a site where you can give a monthly amount to an artist/maker/company to help them thrive. In exchange for this monthly support, folks will offer different benefits. The benefits you get depend on how much you pledge. For example, my top two tiers include jewelry after six months of membership. My page starts at $3/month and goes up to $22/month.

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