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The Hilt of Herugrim Necklace | 18" (2" pendant, 16" chain)

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An ancient heirloom of Rohan, Herugrim was already five centuries old when it came into the hands of Théoden King. The film design featured a simple hilt inspired by Celtic and Carolingian swords, with two horse heads facing one another meeting at the nose.

I designed this piece to match as closely to the film as I could while staying within my own art style. The outline of the hilt is made of solid silver sheet, and the design elements are made from multiple gauges of silver wire. The wire is shaped, hammered, and sanded to fit perfectly onto the sheet. Then it is soldered on, making it one solid piece of metal.

The 2" pendant has been patinated and polished to a satin finish, giving it an antiqued look. The chain is 16", making it a total of 18".


At this time I cannot accommodate rush orders, so if you are purchasing for a gift or an event please keep this in mind.

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A note on wearing

While I craft each piece to be as durable as possible, it is still made from natural materials by hand. Silver is one of the softer metals, and can scratch and bend when put under strain or treated roughly.

Care information

It is not advisable to wear this during strenuous activity or in the water. Please remove your jewelry before washing, swimming, or engaging in athletic activities. Please do not leave your jewelry in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Silver jewelry will eventually aquire a natural patina in addition to the areas that are intentionally darkened when it arrives to you. Use a soft cloth, or the polishing cloth provided in your order, to remove unwanted tarnish. Do not rub the intentionally darkened areas with the polishing cloth, as this will permanently alter the patina placed there by the artist.