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Eorlingas Necklace | 2" pendant with Maligano Jasper | 20" chain

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Called the Rohirrim, or Horse-Lords, by outsiders - the people of Rohan referred to themselves as Eorlingas. Named after Eorl the Young who first brought them to Rohan, the people of this region are proud and hardy folk. They value their horses most of all, raising and training the finest steeds in all of Middle Earth.

This piece of maligano jasper holds hues that you could find within the herds raised by the Eorlingas: chestnut, bay, sorrel, and roan. The horse head and braid motif are reminiscent of imagery found on armor, weaponry, and architecture throughout Rohan.


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A note on wearing

While I craft each piece to be as durable as possible, it is still made from natural materials by hand. Silver is one of the softer metals, and can scratch and bend when put under strain or treated roughly.

Care information

It is not advisable to wear this during strenuous activity or in the water. Please remove your jewelry before washing, swimming, or engaging in athletic activities. Please do not leave your jewelry in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Silver jewelry will eventually aquire a natural patina in addition to the areas that are intentionally darkened when it arrives to you. Use a soft cloth, or the polishing cloth provided in your order, to remove unwanted tarnish. Do not rub the intentionally darkened areas with the polishing cloth, as this will permanently alter the patina placed there by the artist.